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Jamie Davies- Owner.

Jamie Davies has been tattooing professionally since graduating high school in 1995. He opened Tattooz Ink in 2004 on Hilltop Drive in Redding, Ca with the mission of bringing a high end custom tattoo studio to the North State. Jamie began to travel and compete at tattoo conventions along the West Coast. In 2011, he moved the shop to Bechelli Lane. In this larger facility, he furthered his idea of having individual private stations within the tattoo studio. Shortly after, Jamie was cast to compete on Spike T.V.’s hit reality tattoo show, InkMaster. Jamie was a part of the season 2 cast, but was controversially eliminated before receiving the InkMaster title. After the airing of the show, Jamie began to travel for guest spots and conventions more regularly, and from coast to coast. Now in his 4th shop location, a private studio in the Four Corners area of Redding, Jamie is concentrating on attending to each client personally. He still enjoys traveling for guest spots and conventions.

“I believe that every tattoo experience should remain unique and personal, and I work tirelessly to exceed expectations, to earn my clients confidence with every tattoo I perform.”
When artist/owner Jamie Davies opened Tattooz Ink in 2004, it was with the mission to do things right. Whether it was tattooing or body piercing, equipment, tools, jewelry and procedures, if there was a “right way” to do something, that’s how it would be done. Jamie has spared no expense over the past two decades to make sure that each procedure is performed with the latest in techniques and technologies, staying at the cutting edge of the industry. Now in his luxury private studio, decorated in decades of tattoo history, Jamie is concentrating on attending to each client personally, providing a premium tattoo experience. JAMIE DAVIES